Stool Scenes 220 - Marty Mush Helps Brandon Walker Move Cross Country

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low key action packed week

– The office gets prepared for the return of our fearless leader Dave Portnoy

– A ripe, peak mid summer debate breaks out over who is more well known, Tiger Woods or Justin Beiber (It’s Beibs obviously)

– Mush,Brandon Walker and new stool scenes phenom Tom Mullens traveled from Alabama to NYC in complete silence and not surprisingly fought the whole way.

– Jared honors his bet with Willie by paying the $1000 he owed him but not before making another bet to get it back first.

– Pup Punk rucked Mulkayhe’s

– General Smitty goes to battle with a new solider and potentially sets himself up to fight in RNR10?

KB continues innovating the aftershow by turning it into a gameshow

As always shout out to Arya Josh & Rudy, the best photos from the week will go in a gallery monday, check out some of the past ones