ATI Top 10: #4 Cody Ko And Noel Miller Answer The Internet

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The week of Youtube dominance on ATI continues. Earlier this week, Logan Paul. Tonight, Cody Ko and Noel Miller. If you hate Logan Paul, you'll love Cody and Noel. These two guys are the Anti-Youtube Youtubers, as we like to call it. All of the weird, awkward, foreign things about Youtube that most of our fans dont like or understand, Cody and Noel dont do that stuff. They are just two normal funny guys who watch the internet and react to the ridiculous shit they find. Noel is a stand up comedian, Cody is an internet personality. Both of them come from a regular life background where they were software designers. So they are just normal guys who happened to strike gold being hilarious on Youtube. If you dont believe me look no further than Cody Ko's answer of "Which cartoon character would you bang?"

If you wanna fuck Lois Griffin that means you've seen all the banner ads that Pornhub has been jamming down our throats for the last few years. Look at that! Millionaire Youtubers! They're just like us!

So long story short, Answer The Internet is the perfect Barstool x Tiny Meat Gang crossover event. Watch them knock this out of the park and then go check out Thats Cringe and their podcast Tiny Meat Gang 

If you missed the first edition of ATI Youtube Domination, check out Logan Paul's:

Answer The Internet

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