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Barstool Outdoors Episode 2 - The Dinosaurs Of The Fraser

This week we are in British Columbia which may be one of the nicest places on planet Earth. Honestly I don’t understand how it isn’t the most populated place in North America, but that’s neither here nor there. The goal wasn’t to look at pretty landscapes, we were on a mission to tangle with some true river monsters. Our hosts? Kevin Estrada and Mariko Izumi of the famed guiding service Sturgeon Slayers. Kevin is an absolute stud who was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes and is now leading the conservation effort to ensure the White Sturgeon of the Fraser River thrive.

These fish are absolutely unreal. They live for over 100 years and grow to ENORMOUS sizes. I had seen it on the internet but was ecstatic for the chance to see them in real life and it was even more incredible than I imagined. Fighting these submarines while floating down the Fraser in the presence of epic snow-capped mountains puts butterflies in your stomach.

Prehistoric creatures that haven’t changed for millions of years, great people, and views out of a postcard. British Columbia is not a bad place to hang out.

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