ATI Top 10: #1 Whats The Weirdest Thing Abella Danger Has Ever Masturbated To?

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I could probably type absolutely anything here - or absolutely nothing - and it most likely wouldnt matter. You're already watching the video. But if you are reading, I'll say there are 2 things I learned about Abella's ATI. Or, 1 thing I learned and one thing I confirmed:

1) I confirmed Abella really likes to give blow jobs

2) I learned that she actually is very good at Answering The Internet. I mean its not an easy video. We have found that usually only the best, most tenured comedians in the game can really hang when it comes to this series of questions. But Abella stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Funny answers, thoughtful answers, all on the fly. Pretty impressive if you ask me. And I understand this probably sounds patronizing and like a backhanded compliment, and I'll shoot you straight - it is. I just didnt think a porn star could nail those questions the way she did.

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