Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 25 - I Have A Problem With "Over-The-Counter" Drugs

-I’ve never understood why we refer to nonprescription drugs as “over-the-counter.” When I hear “over-the-counter” that makes me think that I can only get them from over-the-counter in the pharmacy and thus need a prescription. But they’re really available anywhere in the store. We should use the term ITA or “in the aisles.” It’s very confusing.

-I love when people stop me on the street and ask for directions. It shows I have a trusting face and look like I know my shit. Plus, I have the power to basically send these people anywhere I want. Their lives are in my hands. What a rush.

-There’s nothing worse than having to get out of the car after a long car ride. I get so comfortable and just hate having to get up. If I’m in a car for over two hours, I’m pretty much prepared to stay in the car forever.

-A great power move is to accept a receipt, think it over for a moment, and then deny it. Here’s how it would go:

Cashier: “Would you like a receipt?”
Me (casually): “Yeah sure”
*pause for a second*
Me: “Ehhh, you know what? I actually don’t need it.”
*Walk away*

-You should be able to pause videos on Instagram.

-Halfway through hearing a song for the first time, I become convinced I know all the words and then try to sing along. I’m rarely accurate

-One time at a game, I’d love to hit someone with a good “Hey down in front.” I’m too much of a pussy right now. But maybe one day.

-When I’m looking for something I lost, I hate when someone says “You’ll find it. It’s around here somewhere.” Shut. The. Fuck. Up. I know it’s around here somewhere. I’d like to know where exactly it is so I can find it. Reassuring me that it’s somewhere in the universe is not helpful in any way.

-People probably think I’ve broken a bone in my life. But I haven’t.

-I think a lot of people go to the gym for the wrong reasons. They want to impress people
and have others say “Wow good for him, he works out.” You should just go to better yourself. There’s no reason to tell others. For instance, I went to the gym on Sunday and haven’t told anyone about it. I ran 3 miles and did some chest workouts. If I wanted to make a big deal out of it, I could broadcast it out for the world to know. But I won’t do that. That’s not what I want.

Guest Thought Of The Week

From Hank:

-When waiting at a street corner, it’s fun to fake people out and start taking a step to cross the street so others think it’s time to cross. But it’s actually not.

Audience Thought Of The Week

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From @cade_mcdermott on Instagram

-What happens to people who live near a time zone border, and have a job on the other side of the time zone border? Do they just have longer or shorter days? How does their time management work?

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