Answer The Internet featuring Kaz From Flagrant 2...If You Could Have One Celebrity Have Your Back In A Bar Fight, Who Would It Be?

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If you’re a WWE fan or a listener of Flagrant 2: No Easy Buckets, you are familiar with Kaz. Funny dude who will be on this weeks KFC Radio out tmrw. His cohosts Andrew and Akaash have been through before, they are the podcast I think is most similar to the Barstool world. And Kaz’s ATI proved it.

Now listen – there are levels to this shit, man. The best ATI’s are the people who really think about these questions and take the extra step and think outside the box. “One celebrity to have your back in a bar fight” usually yields a lot of basic answers. For instance, The Rock. Sure, I get it. Big guy. Wrestler. Loyal dude. Cool guy. He can handle himself in a bar fight. Perfectly fine answer, but Eh. Then you got your Medium level answer? Something like, I dunno, Stephon Marbury in his Vaseline eating phase. Some obscure reference, makes you laugh, makes you think. A unique answer not many will have.

But your strong answer? Your go-the-extra-mile answer? Your Galaxy Brain, Third Eye Vision answer? Well thats what my boy Kaz did here. Forget about brute strength or violent tendencies. Kaz is going with the Puppet Master. The woman who has a team of black men thriving. Minus Lamar, obviously. But that wasnt Kris’ fault. So some A+ critical analysis from Kaz with absolutely no time wasted. My man had that answer cocked and loaded. He’s thought about this before. 13 mins of great answers from Kaz on the rest of his episode here.

Check out his co hosts, Andrew and Akaash on their ATI appearances. The whole Flagrant 2 team came through and killed it.