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Stool Scenes 211 - "Intern Season"

We start the week at the New Amsterdam Vodka field day event. There was $10,000 on the line, the only person “in charge” was Spider and he almost got murdered by a member of every single team at different points (myself included). Big Cat says it in the episode but it really put things in perspective when you realize that no matter how big Barstool has gotten and how far we’ve come we’re still just a bunch of unorganized idiots running around a field screaming at each other.

- Pk Subban stopped by HQ to hang with RA, dance with Mush and begrudgingly answer questions from the twitch stream

- The Foreplay boys were in Bethpage all week, chipping with Bryson Dechambeau and dominating on course coverage while PMT talked to the leader in the clubhouse Brooks Koepka about how golf is boring and how he zones out after the 4th hole.

- Dave filmed a pizza review with Paris Hilton and Frankies replacement Dana B tried his best not to fuck it up

- KFC & Clem got their hearts broken watching the NBA lottery

- PMT went on the hunt for the next Billy Football and ended up finding a 69 year old woman to be their intern

- YP refuses to show his weiner to the world and Big Cat put a curse on him, Boris & the Blues

Photos of the week, Shoutout Rudy & Arya

Big Eddy


Breakfast boys


Gaming with Jalen Mills


The Boss


DL Daddy gang


7th pick chaos


3rd pick heartbreak


Love this stuff


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Weirdly a mystifying picture


Talking that Schnitt


Matt Barnes sheeshing it up


Fahkin RA guy 77240026