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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 18 - What If You Choke During Your Last Meal On Death Row?

The plan going forward is to also release a video with the blog. Sometimes it’s easier to explain things on video. But I will also post the thoughts in original blog form underneath, in case you prefer reading/not looking at my face. The blog form will also include a guest thought and audience thought.

-I wonder if anyone has ever choked to death during their last meal on death row before execution. If so, did anyone try to save him? Or do they just let him die to save time?

-If I’m at a new barbershop and there’s one empty barber who nobody is waiting for, I won’t go to him. There’s probably a reason nobody wants him. You should pick the guy with the longest wait.

-When British people do an American accent, do they think “Alright so I’m just gonna do a normal voice now.”

-It’s sad to think that I will probably never in my life play Capture The Flag again.

-I find it pointless for a waiter/waitress to ask “Have you been here before?” at the start of your meal. It doesn’t really matter whether you say yes or no. Nothing changes. Even if I haven’t been to that specific place before, I have been to other restaurants. And they’re all pretty much the same.

-Drake has a well-known rap lyric that goes “Three dots, you thinkin’ of a reaction still.” This line is inaccurate. The girl he’s referring to has likely already thought of her reaction and is typing it out, thus the “three dots.” She was thinking of her reaction as soon as it went on “read” but before she started typing. The lyric should go, “Three dots, you’ve read my message and thought about your reaction and now you’re typing it out.” Granted, it does not flow as well.

-I think inflation might be a myth.

-One time, I’d love someone to see me all dressed up and say “Woah you clean up nice.” Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe one day.

-Fun thing you can do: Have a contact saved in your phone as “Bullshit” under a random number. Then, when someone says something that sounds like bullshit, whip out your phone, go to the contact, and say “One second. I’m calling Bullshit.” Hilarious.

-I would like someone to try to hypnotize me. I don’t think they could. I’m too mentally strong. But I don’t want to actually try it just in case it does work.

Guest Thought Of The Week

From Rone:

-All clothes are reversible if you’re OK with wearing them inside-out.

Audience Thought Of The Week

From @TeamJeffHarley on Twitter

-People always say, “You’re gonna want to sit down for this.” The reality is I want to sit down for anything.

Thank you for your time

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