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Stool Scenes 208 - Pants Pooping, Party Rocking, Christian Yelich, Brandon Of Tarth, Portnoy Esquire & More

ACTION packed week of Stool Scenes this week, going to go ahead and say that this is the best episode since Stool Scenes 2.0 started, in my humble opinion.

– We start in Welch West Virginia at RNR8 as Dave died, a fighter shit his pants in the ring and spider was almost killed/arrested

– Brandon Of Tarth made his triumphant debut to BarstoolHQ and was immediately accused of theft by his boss

– Pup Punk went to ECU and threw a party with T Pain and Sup Dogs to celebrate their “Barstool Best Bar” championship

– Reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich came by HQ to answer the internet and discuss the state of the PMT ass eating bet

– All Biz Pete confirms that he cums

– Brandon Of Tarth Gets Lunch

– The Cousins make the trec to NYC for their last show with Cousin Riggs, a sad moment indeed.