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I Think I Need To Hire The Dude Who Got Caught In the MyBookie Crossfire Yesterday (MUST WATCH)

So as everybody knows my new mission in life is to put Mybookie out of business. I will not rest until they are in ruins. Well in the middle of my scorched earth campaign yesterday MyBookie went live on periscope with their daily show. Only it wasn’t a dude who worked directly for the company. It wasn’t any of the scumbags who talked shit to me and then tucked tail and ran for the hills. It was some poor slob named Brandon Walker who had absolutely no clue what was going on and was left hung out to dry by

What happened next was some of the most electrifying 14 minutes in the history of live broadcasting. Must watch stuff from beginning to end as Brandon tried to figure out what the hell was going on. There were like 5 laugh out loud funny moments as Stoolies were attacking him and he tried to figure out why. And guess what? Now I want to hire this guy. I mean everything about him screams Barstool. The way he handled this. His demeanor. Everything. And his picks weren’t that bad either. So now I’m all in on a daily gambling show from this dude. I need more Brandon Walker in my life. I mean nothing would be more Barstool than this guy coming to work for me. Help me help you Brianna Tarth. Stop working with crooks and come work for a king.