ATI Top 10: #7 The Drip God Tom Segura Answers The Internet


Four Stroke Gang, stand up! Waterchamp Tom Segura broke into Barstool HQ dressed as a hobo burglar and Answered the Internet. Tom continues to spread awareness about how dangerous Garth Brooks is, he confesses that he makes Peter North look like a teensy weensy squirt gun, and he envisions a world where he doesnt know how to read, and a world where every single person is a female. Segura is one of the OG podcasters…he's been at this shit for 10 years now. So hes been deep in this internet game for over a decade now. Nobody and I mean nobody was better equipped to Answer The Internet than him. Check out the other A- List comedians we've put to the test:

Theo Von (when this hits 1 million views I'm throwing a party):

Dan Soder popped overnight, creeping up on 500,000 views:

Andrew Schulz, Comedy's next big superstar:

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