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The Group Chat: Do Leaked Nudes Help Or Hurt In 2019?

March Madness is here and a trip to Vegas is on the line. How hard would it be to be a celebrity and have a melt down in the pubic eye? Is Shane Dawson cancelled after his recent debacle? And in 2019, is it really that horrible if your nudes leak? And of course, we read some tweets from the depths of the internet.

When everyone was toying around with the idea of a Chicks rundown, we decided we wanted to take our own spin on things and bring what is talked about in group chats – to life. So that’s exactly what we did.

It’s not Call Her Daddy. It’s not college football (clearly). And it’s not Barstool Radio. It’s just three single girls living in New York City spilling the tea.

Happy Thursday!

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