If You Could Have Sex With One Person, But They Die Immediately After, Who Do You Pick? - Dan Soder Answers the Internet

If  you don’t know Dan Soder by now, you ain’t watching Billions, or listening to The Bonfire, or listening to KFC Radio, or you’re just living under a rock in general because I genuinely think he’s the funniest guy on the planet. As evidenced by the fact that his Answer The Internet is 11 minutes long because we couldn’t cut anything out. As evidenced by the fact that we debuted a new question “who would you fuck if they immediately died right after?” and Dan crushed this question so bad with Dick Justice that we are probably just gonna retire if altogether from ATI. Funniest dude in the game answering the best the internet has to offer.

Also check out Theo Von from last week which started to pop on Youtube’s algorithm (thats like crack for a blogger when you see a video spike out of nowhere). Easily gonna end up our most viewed video:

SNL Legend Tim Meadows:

Nick Cannon fucked midgets in Dubai: