Barstool Chicago Does The World Series of Beer Pong Tournament and Chicago Pizza Party

A few weekends back, the Barstool Chicago crew took part in a World Series of Beer Pong Tournament and Chicago pizza fest up in Ravenswood.  Awesome time all around.

A few housekeeping notes:

1.  I sincerely thought Eddie was going to vomit when we were told there was no “elbow” rule in WSOBP bylaws.  You can lean as far as you’d like over the table.  We give Eddie shit a lot about being a traditionalist to the core with his plain cheese pizza and no cheese on an Italian beef sandwich and he usually takes it in stride, but as the former president of the ATO house at Southern Illinois University, the elbow rule was too much for him to handle.  He was truly disgusted an it was evident in the video.

2. The #1 beer pong player in the country was in attendance.  It’s his job to go from state to state and play in beer pong tournaments and he rakes in a lot of money doing so.  Carl and I played against him and he boat raced us so fast that we couldn’t even really get it on video.  It was like watching prime form Peyton Manning or MJ or a juiced out of his skull Barry Bonds.  Just unbelievable at throwing 40MM ping pong balls into cups.

3. The pizza was… eh.  Each one of us still ate enough to feed an African village though.  But don’t ever serve me ground beef and macaroni on bread again and call it a pizza.  Fuck outta here with that.

Other than that, enjoy.  Plenty more of this kinda shit coming up