Answer The Internet Featuring Dane Cook

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The Dane Cook “Comeback” tour or “redemption” tour or whatever you want to call it is officially on, and he kicked things off with the Stool. Dude had an absolutely unprecedented run in the modern age of stand up comedy in the 2000s. On his episode of KFC Radio he said he had an 8 year stretch where he sold out literally any venue, in any city, that he went to. Just point, choose, and bam, sold out. Absolutely fucking crazy. He came through Barstool HQ and was keeping it extremely real telling us the truth on all the complicated shit that went on in his life the last couple decades, and he kept the truth train rolling here on Answer the Internet. 10th episode, 5 weeks into this new series. Check out Tuesday nights ep with the guys from Super Troopers and take a look at the Youtube channel for all the others.