Answer The Internet featuring Andrea Savage

The first ever female participant on Answer The Internet, Andrea MFing Savage. One of the funniest people on the planet, regardless of gender. But she is, in fact, our female Jackie Robinson which is an important distinction. Because so many of these questions were written by dumb ass dudes, for dumb ass dudes during the early years of this show. Now its a 50/50 split but back then it was just idiotic men asking idiotic questions giving idiotic answers. So when we ask her about T-Rexes during the Civil War, shes like “what the fuck is this?” Or when you ask about the first 90% of a blow job vs the last 10% of a blow job, shes like “Uhhh well I do 100% of them.” So its an interesting dynamic for sure. Watch her show I’m Sorry on Tru TV and now Netflix if you havent seen it yet. Fucking hilarious. Also check out previous eps of Answer the Internet on the ATI Youtube Page