Devour Road Trip: Day 1

It’s the first day on the DEVOUR Road Trip to Atlanta and spirits are high on the road. PFT, Hank, Big Cat, Bubba, Kate and I are being chauffeured down the Atlantic coast by a sprightly young bus driver named Larry. We’ve got a fridge full of DEVOUR and we are riding on a tour bus where Garth Brooks used to have sex, so it’s a pretty complete trip.

The last RV that Barstool had was narrow, dirty and smelled of pipe smoke and well aged piss. The cabinet doors swung open at the mere changing of lanes, spilling whatever garbage that was stored in them everywhere. This RV is completely different. It’s a broad runway of a vessel, it’s clean and it smells like fresh leather. The cabinets stay closed. It’s fantastic.

Yesterday we stopped at the Naval Yard in Philly as Pardon My Take interviewed Chris Long. I shook his hand and thanked him for winning me a Super Bowl. He gifted the bus the candles that adorned his shrine to Nick Foles from the Eagles locker room. He got roasted by Kate. We watched Happy Gilmore as we powered through West Virginia then polished off a couple episodes of Sponge Bob until we coasted into Blacksburg around 1 AM.

We met in the lobby at 6:45 to go work out with Buzz Williams on Virginia Tech’s campus. During our workout Coach honestly asked me “Rone, not even being funny, but what is it that you do here?” I told him I was there to make Big Cat and PFT look more athletic. He had us dive on the court for loose balls. I bled from three of four limbs. It was the gentle reminder I need of just how soft I truly am.

Today, we’re long haulin’ to Nashville. More updates to come.