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Things You Missed - Bandersnatch Choose Your Own Adventure

If you’re looking for an in depth review of Netflix’s Bandersnatch, check out K-Marko’s blog. K-Marco is a fan of the Black Mirror franchise, and does a great job of breaking down why the episode works or rather doesn’t work.

I appreciated Bandersnatch for being a different experience from your usual turn on The Office, and scroll through social media until it’s time to go to bed. The choices given to you aren’t the greatest, but they keep your attention enough to want to explore all the possible outcomes. The fact that Bandersnatch opened up the Choose Your Own Adventure television genre to a larger audience, and gave the public a glimpse of what the future of television could be is exciting. I’m not dying for a sequel, but I’d love to see another C.Y.O.A. series in the future. Maybe one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re having a mental break down? Also, maybe a title that doesn’t sound like a soft core porn would be nice too?

In an attempt to parody Bandersnatch and do something different, here is the first ever Things You Missed – Choose Your Own Adventure.