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Is Dave Portnoy Too Risk Averse?

So yesterday we hopped on Barstool Radio to talk some shop with Dente, Riggs, Tommy Smokes and (name redacted) about the Bears and the launch of Barstool Chicago.

If you recall, Eddie and I took Dente on an excursion around Chicago about 6 weeks back to take in some of Chicago’s finest delicacies.  We recorded 4 pizza reviews, a beef review and a hot dog review.  It took about 3 hours and was about 70 miles of driving:

Along the way, Eddie pitched Dente on buying a rodeo bull and popping Barstool branding all over said bull, and also reopening Maywood Park, which is a now-closed standardbred horse racing track that used to reside about 10 miles outside the city.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 6.20.24 PM

That’s when things got a little hairy.  Dente was having NONE OF IT.  That’s when the conversations changed from debating pizza review scores to Dente demanding we immediately take him home (we didn’t).  No conversations about buying rodeo bulls or purchasing defunct race tracks were to be had.  He didn’t even perform a simple google search, which would have shown that the bull riding business could be big money and better content:

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 6.21.22 PM

We’d turn this $100MM company into a billion dollar company with a B, especially if you have Eddie training that bad boy how to buck cowboys really hard at the Allstate Arena and what have you.  Content, revenue and lots of it.

And as for Maywood, that’s another winning proposition.  Barstool puts asses in seats, all we need to do is have Dan Katz show up to play the bugle on opening night and Maywood would be filled to the brim with Stoolies and hosting Breeder’s Cup races in no time.  I’d even consider slimming down 80 or 90 pounds and becoming a jockey.

So it left us wondering after our call on Barstool Radio yesterday:  Is Dave Portnoy too risk averse?  We thought we were hitching our wagon to a guy who likes to go for the jugular, an all gas, no brakes leader – not someone who won’t even hold a conversation about buying bull cum and downtrodden race tracks.  Not going to lie, it really has us worried.  Will it ruin our lives?  Will we be residing under an el track soon?  Only time will tell.

Oh, and for the record Barstool Chicago is actually putting together an investment group as we speak.  This isn’t a game we’re playing

Stay tuned.