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Smokebro Of The Week: Santa

This is the second episode of Smokebro of the Week & after last week’s Times Square hottie I thought I’d tone it down and go a little more seasonal. Timing considered, Santa seemed like a no-brainer.

All I can say is, before it all went down I pictured the series of events very differently in my head. What I’d hoped would be a Magic Mike, jingle balls, big packages type vibe turned out to be an understandably confused man dancing to no music under bright lights in front of a green screen, while a crowd of people quietly stared & shook their heads in the background.

Tough crowd.

After we shot this I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes, and then I walked over to Madison Square Park, sat on a bench & just sort of stared for awhile. Is there any better way to kick off a holiday break?!

Either way, Smokebro Santa was a good sport & I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas & a happy New Year.