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Riggs vs Spyglass Hill by Tommy John

Spyglass Hill out in the Pebble area. Interesting place, two different golf courses. The first 5 holes are on the Pacific Ocean and the next 13 are in the trees. Might as well be North Carolina which I’ve heard is hilly and tree-ey.

Big thanks to Tommy John making me so comfortable down there if you know what I mean. Only underwear I’ve worn for the past year is and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Revolutionary clothing company that’s redefining comfort. Their Men’s and Women’s underwear doesn’t ride up or give you wedgies and it’s so comfy you won’t even remember you’re wearing any underwear at all. As a QZip guy too I can say I didn’t even realize I was wearing one while playing. 4-way stretch material for the win.

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