Things You Missed - Holiday Movie Review With Lights, Camera, Podcast

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Things You Missed was just a crummy 8 min commercial for another show?

Son of a bitch.

If you’re a fan of movies, @LightsCameraPod with @JeffDLowe,@Kenjac, and @Trillballins have the best social account and podcast out there for movie reviews and entertainment.

It was nice to chat with high IQ people who are tired of debating if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. If you’re a person who insists that Die Hard is a Christmas movie and every year you’ve been telling whatever friends you have, do us all a favor and switch up the movie. This year you can use Rocky IV and give everyone a break.

If I’m not being an asshole, I’d use my #4 pick for either Christmas Vacation or Elf. Scrooged belongs at #5 because A Christmas Carol is a classic story that belongs at the top, add Bill Murray being a hilarious prick and I’m sold.

If you haven’t seen Bad Santa, there are 8 days left until Christmas. You owe it to yourself to get into the holiday spirit. Bad Santa 100 times better than Tangerine (which is not a Christmas movie.)


Year Without A Santa Claus deserves an honorable mention for producing one of the greatest songs of all time. 

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