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Dana White Said Tito Ortiz Is The Dumbest Creature Walking The Face Of The Earth

Dana White joined CCK yesterday and it was absolutely insane.

Kevin, Feits and I thought he was coming in for 10 minutes and he ended up kicking it with us for 40. For somebody that’s worth $500 million and rolls around with three iPhones, he’s a pretty fucking cool dude.

Highlights include:

– Dana playing a voice mail from the White House and talks about his conversations with President Trump

– How he handles Conor McGregor and what he thinks his biggest flaws are

– We debate what happened after the McGregor/Khabib fight (he bodied us, not surprisingly)

– Why UFC is way more popular with the younger generation than boxing and how much it’s expanding internationally

And there are absolute fire works when he talks about Oscar De La Hoya and Tito Ortiz.

We’ve done a ton of interviews in our careers and this one is probably my favorite one I’ve ever been a part of. Worth every minute.