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The Goddamn Jets - Breaking Bowles Edition

Sunday’s loss to the Bills was the worst game I’ve ever had to watch. And so it required a special edition of The Goddamn Jets, involving sledge hammers, crowbars and bats. Oh my. If you’ve ever wanted to smash your TV, your laptop, or your phone during a Jets game, this video is for you.

And if you’ve ever said the phrase “Culture Change” in regards to the 2018 Jets, this is what I want to do to you:

If you’re a Mets/Jets/Knicks/Isles/fucking anybody in NY fan, or you just wanna take your stress out in general, hit up the Wrecking Club – 9th ave between 35th and 36th. Sign up and use code KFC for 15% off.

Click here to get your official Goddamn Jets sweater for the holiday:

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