Riggs At The Ryder Cup, A Full Behind-The-Scenes Look by Peter Millar

It stinks that we lost but it’s awesome that I looked amazing. Do you know about Peter Millar? They are a premium brand and they take your look to the next level. I used to dress like an irresponsible child; I now am addicted to dressing like a premium model aka wearing Peter Millar 24/7.

You can too. Go to PeterMillar.com/fore and we’ll get you complimentary shipping and a free hat.

My favorite items? Well I personally recommend the eB66 five-pocket performance pants and the perth performance pullover. They’re the best. I have the pants in every color imaginable and wear them every single day. I’m addicted.

Life is better when you’re wearing Peter Millar.


PS — Holy cow I looked good.