Ryder Cup Course Tour by Peter Millar

Hello friends and welcome to Le Golf National. The Ryder Cup is great, it’s beautiful, it’s classy. It’s a premium event. You know what else is classy and premium? Peter Millar. I probably bought 15 items of Peter Millar clothing before we ever partnered with them. Then I pushed our sales team relentlessly to get it done. Why? Because their stuff is the best. It’s the best material, the best look, and the most comfortable. I literally wore my eB66 five-pocket performance pants from Tuesday morning in the States until Wednesday night in Paris (7-hour flight included) because they’re so comfortable. Then I ran around Le Golf National all day in the exact same pair… because they’re so comfortable yet make me look like a bazillion dollars.

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Wondering what QZip I’m wearing? It’s the perth performance pullover.

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