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I Got Into An Underground Boxing Fight In Thailand All For A Little Free Booze

A lot of people may be curious as to how I ever ended up in China as Donnie’s intern. Well, last spring I decided to pack a backpack and head to Asia alone for four months. I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand with no plan whatsoever. I spent three of those months on my own hustling my way across the far east. I slept on farms, lived with monks in a monastery and even hitchhiked through the Himalayas in Nepal, before arriving in Shanghai to work for Donnie.

The video above is from Thailand where I got myself into an amateur boxing fight all for a little free booze. Below is a journal entry I wrote in real time.

Entry #32: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, February 24th, 2018 11:30 PM

“You fight. You drink. You no pay.”

“Come, my friend. Free booze. You fight.”

I decided to go South and spend some time on the beach to regroup and plan the next leg of my journey. I took a rickety old bus for 14 hours from Bangkok to Krabi. From there I hitched a ride to the beach of Aoh Naung, where I had managed to convince the staff of an expensive resort that I was a guest. I had a private beach, infinity pool, and a towel boy all at my disposal for no charge. I might not have had a place to sleep at night but I was living the life. After a few days of scheming, I decided to hit the road again. I had heard whispers of an island called Phi Phi three or so hours away by boat that had quite the party scene. I found a longboat headed out that way, climbed aboard and set sail for Koh Phi Phi.

The blood poured from his nose, thick and gooey at first, then thinning gradually as he laid motionless in the corner of the ring. The ref shook him awake as he managed to pick his head up. The crowd gave a sympathetic cheer as he dragged his beaten body under the ropes.

Fuck, I’m next. What the hell did I get myself into?

I didn’t give myself time to answer that question. I ran around the corner and puked. Just ten minutes ago I was crushing beers with these two Swedish guys, and now I was about to be thrown into a boxing match after watching a dude get his fucking face completely smashed in.

I had drunkenly found my way to a bar on the island that doubled as an underground boxing ring. They offered to provide anyone with free alcohol if they were willing to get into the ring and fight. The thing is you didn’t get to pick your opponent. You just said yes, got into the ring, and prayed the guy you were up against had no idea what he was doing. The second I heard you got free booze for fighting I was on board. Even though drinks cost next to nothing in Thailand I was scraping by, the word “Free” in front of anything instantly got my attention.

I was scared shitless stepping into the ring after I had witnessed what had just happened. But all that changed when they brought out my opponent.

I’m gonna have fun with this one.  

This dude was all over the place. Haymakers left and right. He was a mess. I felt bad for him for a split second, but that feeling quickly passed and I unleashed all I had on him. I caught him with an uppercut, knocking his chin back few inches then BANG! I let a hard left fly. I connected with his right cheek, knocking him to the ground. That was it for the Egyptian, he tapped out. It was a win for me by T.K.O.  I don’t think I’ve ever had been a prouder moment in my life than when the referee raised my arm into the air, solidifying my place in, shady underground, boxing history as a champion. It was a victory I will never forget, and I have a nice plastic gold medal to prove it. I celebrated that night like I had just beat Mayweather in a title fight. What a time.


Stay Houndin’


Chef Donny