The Lakers Are The Hottest Team in the NBA - The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone: Ep. 8

On today's episode of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, the guys met up in Washington D.C. to film an in person episode at the Lakers' hotel. Pat is back from his suspension, Rone is back from his vacation, and the show goes on. The Los Angeles Lakers are the hottest team in the NBA, Anthony Davis is playing like an MVP, and the Lakers are amidst their east coast road trip. We find out Pat rides heavy for the Queen of England, give Coach Prime his flowers after signing a deal with the University of Colorado, learn an old veteran's trick for playing in Denver, and take the term "birdwatching" to an entirely different level. Pat may or may not have been hoodwinked by the recent viral Steph Curry full court shots video, make sure you tweet out the right emojis, and only bring security guards if you really need them. We end the episode with a very special edition of The Wine Down presented by Travis Mathew.