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The Best Way To Partner With Barstool Sports (ft. Rone, our VP of Sales, + our VP of Partnerships)

On today’s Token CEO Erika gives us a look inside her world and tells us about what has been on her schedule including a PLL board meeting, PENN earnings, PMT & Grit Week, hiring a new head of sales at Barstool and much more. As always, Erika answers your questions, but this week focuses specifically on feeling overwhelmed at work. Plus we’re joined by Barstool’s VP of Sales, Ryan McDermott and Barstool’s VP of Brand Integration, MB Gambke and Rone. They take a deep dive into how Barstool pitches and works with different brands, Barstool’s relationship with Mattress Firm and The Most Dangerous Game Show and why companies trust their vision to make the product great. Enjoy!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:05 - Boardroom
  • 15:31 - Q&A
  • 30:53 - Brand Integration