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Surviving Layoffs And Other Struggles With Lauryn Bosstick

For this week's episode we're starting off with a rant on how "feminism" is viewed in the media and its impact on the viewership and world of women's sports. PLUS Erika talks why everyone's losing their jobs and how to pivot if you're in that boat. We are also joined this week by the incredible Lauryn Bosstick who tells us about managing & making time for herself all while building a massively successful brand, running a business, hosting a podcast, being a mom, AND being pregnant. And as always, we wrap up with some Q&As about the job application process, leaving a job for a lower title, and your boss finding out that you're looking for other jobs. Enjoy! 

  • 00:00 - Intro 
  • 00:56 - Sheryl Sandberg & FB 
  • 04:42 - Women’s Sports 
  • 13:51 - Lay Offs 
  • 28:59 - Q&A 
  • 40:12 - Lauryn Bosstick