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I Can't Wait To Host "An Evening Of Hatred With Dave Portnoy"

New episode of The Dave Portnoy Show is live.  Covered a bunch of different personal life, Inside Barstool, and business talk topics.  I was in Chicago this weekend so Eddie and Silvana finally had their showdown that was awkward until I stepped in.  Our Bears Sportsbook promo was too popular.  And White Sox Dave did White Sox Dave things.  Some business talk about my speech at our upfronts, a potential $20 billion DraftKings deal plus what it means for us, and our deal to buy the Cosmopolitan that fell through.  I may have a new enemy who I hate, but I am being mature about it.  There are a lot of people I hate who I can't say I hate for the good of the company.  That's called leadership.  But I do still want to do An Evening Of Hatred With Dave Portnoy one day.  Other topics from my life are an exclusive party I went to where there was fake news about me gorging on caviar, Joe Rogan reading off my tweet, and I got an award from Fox for "Human Of The Year" but turned it down because Charles Payne sucks.  Inside Barstool topics: Intern Kat caught Marty and Doogs talking shit about her on a hot mic. Jersey Jerry vs. Nadu Rough N' Rowdy is confirmed.  Frankie has become the cringiest guy on Twitter.  One Bite frozen pizzas launched in Walmart.  There were leaked group texts from Rico Bosco.  And Gaz is following me to live in Miami. 

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