Spencer Lee Interview, Titans Win, Raiders Win, Nebraska's Moral Victory

Recorded September 20, 2021 | HUGE bounce back week for the boys! Victory Monday was in full effect for Will celebrating wins for the Titans, Raiders, and Washington Football Team. 3x National Champion wrestler and barstool athlete Spencer Lee also stopped by the bus becoming the first collegiate athlete to step foot on the bus. 

Comp kicks things off by addressing the adversity the boys faced last week but the world quickly realized you can't keep the boys down for long. 

Then he gives his analysis of the Nebraska Oklahoma game, and how the Huskers were really just a couple of plays away from winning big. 

Next, the young man with more national championships than ACL's steps onto the bus to share some of his story. (29:00:52) Spencer Lee is one of the most decorated collegiate wrestlers of all time and is competing for his 4th straight national championship this season. He tells us the story about his viral quote "Excuses are for Wusses" and how he was able to win a national championship without either of his ACLs. 

Next Spencer tells us about his Olympic dreams, wrestling culture at Iowa, how he wants to grow the popularity of the sport and even teases a little bit of MMA and WWE talk. 

This pod brings everything you could ask for to the table so tell a friend to tell a friend that they need to tune into this weeks episode!

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