That Muppet Ryan Whitney Tried To Ambush Me With An Intervention

New episode is live starting off with an interview of OG Stoolie Jay Cutler.  We reminisced on the time he went on KFC Radio and said I couldn't be on, his fight with Big Cat, and how Eddie and the rest of Chicago ran him out of the city.  Also how he went from looking miserable all the time to being a media personality, his feud with Josh McDaniels, and the biggest regrets of his playing career.  Then that muppet Ryan Whitney tried to ambush me with an intervention but had no facts to back him up. I have a necklace and went to an exclusive fashion show.  Big whoop.  After that, we talked about my AOC tweet and why I think she's a hypocrite.  Other topics are a "holy shit" celebrity moment I had and apparently Vibbs is freaking out on people all over the office. 

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