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That Dumb Stupid Idiot Eddie Is So Dumb And Stupid

New episode is live as we officially get into the fall grind.  Eddie is a big time dumb idiot who has no idea how relationships or filters work.  Same for that muppet Whitney.  We have Nate on to talk about his gross abuse of power live reading the Trysta farewell blog to sell his own merch.  He got me very angry. I didn't hate Trysta and thought the cool kids bully club pushed her out.  In other news, the match with Brooks Koepka is off because he "hurt" himself.  We have a Sling TV channel  and a perfectly crunchy One Bite frozen pizza now.  Jersey Jerry works for us (for free).  And White Sox Dave put the entire company in danger with his reckless actions of maybe smoking crack.  He'll be taking a lie detector test to get to the bottom of it.   Eddie is so dumb. 

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