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I'm Officially Giving Rico Bosco An Ultimatum

New episode is live from Saratoga with a bonus live race during the episode.  First up is the behind the scenes of how the Barstool Bowl came together and some ideas for it - Big Cat jumping out of a plane for the anthem, Frank The Tank's hot dog toss, potential broadcasters, and a lot more.  Then we talk about my investment with A-Rod and Marc Lore, Robinhood's IPO, and Eddie and my dad abandoning my poor mother while doing cookie reviews.   Also a ton of Inside Barstool topics.  I have an ultimatum for Rico Bosco if he doesn't return to the office next week.  We hired Kelly in Vegas.  Thoughts on Trysta's Dozen cheating scandal and suspension.  White Sox Dave is an idiot.  Frank The Tank's infamous nugget palm.  And we have a headliner for our next RnR. 

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