Tiko Texas Stopped By HQ To Pitch A New Podcast And Make Fun Of KFC

New episode with a legendary member of the Barstool Universe: Tiko Texas.  She pitches me her new podcast "The Tiko Ten" and finally meets baseball fan KFC for the first time in person.  We also reminisce on old times like her cutting the barbeque line, SXSW, and we get a preview of her new song.  Other topics are big jolly nice guy Eddie getting a finger tattoo.  The Fordham Pussy Patrol is in shambles over the Barstool Shore House.  Carrabis has a new podcast with David Ortiz.  Balls Beachwear is taking over the world.  Kirk Minihane is getting sued by Julie DiCaro.  And Frank the Tank threw out a first pitch.  Also talk about my interview with Tucker Carlson defending sharks, Erika's 5 year anniversary, and the most important hires in Barstool history. 

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