KFC Radio: We're Gonna Die in Our Studio

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-We may die of heat exhaustion in our studio 
-KFC went Pepe Silvia and tried to figure out who Lana Rhoades was referring to when she said a basketball player brought a back up sure thing onto a date with her in case she didnt want to hook up. All signs are pointing to Kevin Durant. 
-Feits recaps the Bruins/Islanders live streams from this past weekend and the madman that is Frankie Borrelli 
-The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight was an absolute success minus the allegations that Floyd knocked out Logan for a split second and held him up to keep the match going 
-Jackie took a power nap at a bar this weekend 
-Top 5 nap locations 
-Voicemails include smelly dates, getting your friend's mom high, and people you know in porn 
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