KFC Radio: Bruins & Islanders Fans Go to War at Borrelli's ft Carly Aquilino

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-Feits recalls the chaos of watching the Bruins/Islanders games at Borrelli's with Frankie, Mr Borrelli, Marina, and Grinnell 
-(21:20) KFC and Feits react to the finale of Mare of Easttown 
-(44:18) Targeted Ads and....other stuff because of metadata 
-(54:23) Top 5 Worst/Most Memorable Sports Behavior 
-(01:06:20) Feits Tells a Quick story about convincing his friend of a lie before returning to top 5s 
-(01:18:18) Voicemails include: Having a wedding the same weekend as your girlfriend, embarrassing dreams, simping to get out of work 
-(01:41:51) Carly Aquilino returns to the show! We talk about the allegations against Ellie Kemper that claim she's in the KKK, how creepy little girls and old women are, the best order you could get at a movie theatre, getting a role in King of Staten Island, and much more. 
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