KFC Radio: Dean Norris & Disney Adults

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-KFC is out on vacation so Feits catches up on Jackie's living situation and Nick's trip home 

-(16:11) KFC learns about the Disney adult who's upset park employees can show tattoos 

-(35:34) KFC and Feits recap of our 3Chi live show from last Wednesday 

-(41:45) Rat Family Vacation Recap 

-(42:30) Crunchy PB or Creamy PB? 

-(46:30) Scientists are growing monkey/human hybrids to harvest organs -What animal hybrid would you want to be? 

-(1:02:30) Jackie has the worst or best idea of all time. (I'm including "or best" to be nice) 

-(01:07:40) Feits, Nick, Jackie, and Zack choose their Top 5 Franchises of All Time 

-(01:40:17) KFC returns for Voicemails 

-(01:56:10) Dean Norris returns to the show. We discuss his new role on the United States of Al, working with Chuck Lorre, having puke buckets on stage at Harvard, hanging out with Bryan Cranston in quarantine, and much more. 

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