KFC Radio: YUNGBLUD || 20 Lbs of Sh*t, Top 5 Pornstars, & Prince Phillip

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What up chickenheads, cluck cluck b*tches! 

-Usher got "exposed" throwing counterfeit money with his face on it at a strip club 

-This takes us on a series of tangents that comes full circle 40 minutes later (tangents include, but are not limited to: crypto, milk, parenting, the meaning of life, Prince Phillip, bit clout, and more) 

-The Send off of the century for Prince Phillip 

-Feits made an investment and we try to figure out if it was a good one 

-Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 

-Feits Notebook: 

-Where's the worst place to live during the pandemic? 


-Feits and KFC figure out what they want to be when they grow up 

-Top 5 Pornstars 

-Feits addresses "beef" with Rico Bosco 


-Was Jesus a cult leader? 

- AITA for taking a bite out of my kid's sandwich 

-Winning an argument 

-Seeing a customers porn on accident 

(02:11:51) YUNGBLUD joins the show! We discuss how he wants to become an astronaut, trying drugs in space, what it would be like to spend a night in England with him, hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly, making music with Halsey & Travis Barker, getting kicked out of bars, destroying stages, and much more. 

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