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Dog Breed Draft (ft. Uncle Chaps): Are The Top 3 Dog Breed Picks Unanimous?

Very fun draft with our friend Uncle Chaps today. 

I know some people may not have been as pumped when they saw the draft topic, but I can't tell you enough how much of a joy it was to hear Chaps' surplus of knowledge about dogs. Almost every dog that was brought up he had a fun fact about and sometimes even a great story of his experience with it.

The episode was of course filled with our usual bullshit too as I was chastised for not liking dogs to the same degree as the other guys and there was also a great moment with Chief & Whitesoxdave near the end of the show.

I'll be curious to hear from you guys as well to see if there were any other dogs that you thought could've snuck into the Top 3.