KFC Radio: Kal Penn & The Return of Callbacks: Gay Husband to a Straight Wife Edition

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-The first crisp weather of Sad Boy Season hit this week 

-Marty Mush got forced to get a haircut because of a bet 

-KFC made peace with his parking wars neighbor 

-Kanye West tweeted his full music label contract and a video of himself peeing on his grammy 

-Viral TikTok of a guy telling his girlfriend he's taking her out for the day 

-AITA Thursday with pandemic strip club, panty trickery, and more 

-(01:40:00) CALLBACKS RETURN: We call back the voicemail from Tuesday about the gay man who married his straight wife and had a kid together and redefined marriage goals for all of us. If you haven't listened to Tuesday's voicemail check out the clip here: https://youtu.be/pMqmvz4fB7Q 

-Voicemail: What's the one knick knack you own that you'd be upset if you lost 

-(02:05:45) Kal Penn returns to the show! He explains to us why we need to vote, tells a story about a run in he had with Kathy Griffin, we get his opinion on whether or not Joe Rogan should moderate a Presidential Debate, we discuss the Social Dilemma Documentary, play Answer the Internet, and much more. 

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