FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - The Boys Minus One (with Lavonte David & Big Cat)

Today's episode is kind of a big deal as Will hosts his first-ever solo pod without Taylor. To kick it off, Will gives an update on his NFL free agency, he explains why Taylor isn't on the pod, and he reveals some big names when announcing upcoming guests. Next up, we hear Will's take on the current state of college football, the latest NFL contracts (like the boy George Kittle's solid deal), and then an unexpected visitor barges in on the bus right in the middle of recording...

Later on, Will gives the boy Lavonte "Boogie" David a call to get the scoop on what it's like playing with Tom Brady & Gronk. They also talk about how underrated Boogie is and how The Boys are going to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves this year. To wrap it up, Will calls one of Barstool's biggest personalities, Big Cat, to get the full story behind of the blockbuster deal with Deion Sanders, how he's coping with depression after learning the Big 10 is postponing their season, and finally, Big Cat drops the names of some massive guests coming up on the new season of The Corp, a solid pod that he co-hosts with MLB legend, Alex Rodriguez.

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