KFC Radio: Eric Andre, Polly Feitelberg's Debut, Dave Portnoy May Buy the Mets, and Randonauts

We kick off the show talking about comedians reactions to the accusations against Chris D'Elia, his statement, and how no matter how hard they try people won't be able to cancel Joey "Coco" Diaz. (33:50) We discuss the unintentional comedy surrounding the Trump Rally and the photo of him looking disheveled. (41:36)A woman is trying to cancel Ancient Aliens and we don't know if she's kidding. That leads us into a conversation about conspiracy theories and the CIA. (54:28) Feits has dove into the world of Randonauts and the mystery surrounding them. (1:02:57) KFC reacts to the rumors of Dave Portnoy trying to buy the Mets. (1:22:32) Top 5 Tuesday returns with Top 5 HBO shows of all time. (1:42:25) Our first voicemail (about rather having gnats swarm you at all times or always have a pebble in your shoe) leads to a childhood story of Feits' and a guest appearance from Polly Feitelberg herself. (2:06:59) Eric Andre joins the show. We discuss what he's been getting up to in quarantine, favorite drinks, and his time at Berkley. We also discuss what goes into making his pranks, whether or not he gets uncomfortable, and the one guest who is impossible to make uncomfortable (hint: he's been on our show before). Catch his new special on Netflix now. Let us know what you thought of the podcast on twitter @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @ericandre Subscribe and check out daily clips on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio