Mess With Me And They Will Never Find Your Body

Drive-by Birthday parade for a 39-year-old hag (1:29)

This is the type of man that wears a shirt like this (12:00)

Found at a truck stop gas station: “My husband’s wife is freaking awesome.” (16:35)

A shirt with a picture of a burrito: “I’m in to fitness. Fitness burrito in my mouth.” - Oh, the laughs. (24:19)

Available in SMALL thru 5XL: “HOW YOU DOIN.” - Joey from FRIENDS. (27:10)

*Bonus, 17 awful shirts from one email (27:10)

Matching couple t-shirts: “Bonnie and Clyde” (40:02)

5 Things You Should Know About My Husband: "Mess With Me, And They Will Never Find Your Body." (45:42)

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