The Dick Garage

Luke Florentine answers questions on the podcast about his dad. (1:50)

  1. Is your dad always miserable?
  2. Does your dad do anything corny?
  3. What is the one thing you would change about your dad?
  4. Do you think your dad is gay?
  5. Do an impression of your dad

“I need a man that’s gonna be in bed with me at 8 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights to watch shitty T.V. (6:35)

Adult video actress, Harvard Law School, Loves big dick. Anyone is welcome in the “dick garage.” (9:32)

Things to do on a first date: “Ride bikes on a trail, chatting over a game of pool, and donate blood together.” ….what? (13:18)

“I’m a dog-mom, my dog is my child.” (21:51)

“Think you can hurt my feelings? TRY ME.” (25:55)

“Football is the worst sport, because the clock lies.” (36:35)

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