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FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins, who played 6 years at wide receiver with the Bengals and Browns then went on to win 2 championships in the Canadian Football League, sat down to chat with The Boys about his early days in the league, how the CFL and NFL may coexist in the future, and how he got into broadcasting and podcasting. The Boys and Hawk also get into why it's important to pursue a secondary career while still playing and they share some of the weirdest things they've ever seen in the NFL. Hawk co-hosts his own pod, "Thomahawk," with Joe Thomas, hosts "SportsCenter on Snapchat," and is the Director of Business at Uninterrupted, a digital sports media platform that empowers athletes to take control of their own stories, where he also hosts another podcast called "Kneading the Dough."

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