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Nobody Gives A Shit About Middle Names

“Covid” and “Corona” (5:50)

I got 1000 emails about Elon Musk naming his kid a bunch of gibberish (8:45)

People are voting in a Facebook poll to decide a kid’s name (17:24)

“Marijuana Pepsi” (23:38)

An entire classroom of idiotic names: “Madyson,” “Dylan,” “Wyatt” “Reagyn” “Kase” “Trapper” (28:32)

The trending baby names for 2020: “Dechlan, Levi, Finn, Mylo, Archer, Silas” (37:20)

What the fuck is a tumbling class? “Oakley and Becket” …girls names? (41:45)

Couple doesn’t want to identify the gender of their baby: “theybies” (46:16)

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