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Put Your Top On, Take Off Your Shoes

Awful Vanity Plates 

License Plate - "TOESUKR."  

This guy also has a bumper sticker on his car that says: "Put your top back on and take off your shoes." - What a creep. 

If you have a foot fetish it's probably better to keep that to yourself because most people don't understand it. Imagine this guy going to meet some girl's family for the first time and pulling to the house with that plate? If that were me I'd park down the block. I'd Uber to her house.

This is the kind of thing you might want to admit a couple of months into a relationship, not when you’re stopped at a crosswalk near an elementary school.

Needing to suck on a chick’s toes to cum is like going to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and just eating the radishes.

I like how he was afraid that his ‘'Put your top back on and take off your shoes’' bumper sticker was a little too fucking subtle, so he decided to just lay it all out on his plate:

Why would this guy live in Maine? It’s winter weather up there like ten months out of the year, women are wearing snow boots until August. This dumb fucker need to move to Florida. 

Plus, there’s so many weirdos in Florida, being a toe sucker would be considered normal. He would only be the 3rd weirdest guy on his block. 

See: Florida Man Caught Licking Doorbells:

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