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Prom Should NOT Be On Your Mind

Jim addresses his fans who are mad he is at Barstool Sports now. “It’s more raunchy, vulgar, more disgusting” (1:57)

"You pretended to grow up in San Fran." - Look, if I'm gonna lie, it's gonna be about the size of my cock. (2:55)

Lady sets up a virtual prom …(5:05)

Put your Christmas lights up as a sign of hope during the pandemic. Hallmark channel to air Christmas shows. (14:09)

Did you miss out on the Dolly Parton challenge? Whoa (19:17)

This post was shared by a man in his 50’s. “NO CHEATING!” (23:38)

For everyone trying to work from home, tell us something your kids did, but call them your co-workers …Oof (31:40)


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